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2021 Dues will be mailed January 2021.  Payments are due on or before January 30, 2021, past dues statements will incur the interest charge of 10% per annum or $2.50 per month on $300.00.  
Tuesday March 9, 2021 will be the next Willo Esque Board Meeting 
Starting at 7PM - will be held at the Pool Complex and not Maple/Ridge Apts because of COVID19 virus restrictions.   BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR and WEAR A MASK...


Synopsis of HOA Board Meeting held Oct 20, 2020

Russ was replaced on the board for non-participator rule and replace by Lori MacKiney.

Brian Ashcraft resigned from the board (sold home & moved) Zaul Cavarrubias replaced Brain

2021 budget was approved. Project for next year is to re-gunite the north pool.

Welcome committee headed up by Lori MacKiney. If interested in the committe call Lori.

Single tennis court surface is completed along with new LED lights and a fix lock


Steve Spencer President

Zaul Cavarrubias Vice-President

Lori MacKinney Secretary/Treasure



Discount Trash Service

A new five-year service agreement between our HOA and Waste Connections has been signed. Check the Pages & Links page for the complete agreement.  Cost per quarter for a 95-gallon cart is $45.00 and for a 65-gallon cart is $39.00.  These rates are effective Feb, Mar or Apr 1st depending upon a resident’s billing cycle.  Waste Connections has the right to raise rates 2% in each year of service.


Mailbox Thieves

Once again Willo-Esque has been hit by mailbox thieves. Please retrieve your mail from your mailbox as soon as possible after delivery or have your neighbor get your mail if you are at work.

Law Enforcement contacted our HOA to inform us of a traffic stop that garnered an individual that had lots of U.S. mail in the vehicle.

Please use an unsecured mailbox with CAUTION


Willo-Esque Walking Path Map

Check out the new walking path map that has been added to the Pages & Links section of our web page. It shows all the Willo-Esque walking paths and distances. Great tool if you want to determine what distance you've walked. This map was on the pool fence for years and has been re-made with a weatherproof material. It is now located on the front south corner of the pool house. Thanks to Bob and Connie Lawrence who had the vision years ago to create this great tool for our use.


How to the stop the Westside Eagle Delivery for your address 

If you want to stop delivery of the Westside Eagle, you need to call  Israel Nemitz, (316) 516-2467 or John Ohmie (316)-268-6422 or Jennifer (316)-213-4678. Let them know your name, address, you live in Willo-Esque and you no longer want them to deliver the Westside Eagle




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