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The Importance of Calling Things In To The Police

The Importance of Calling Things In To The Police

Why it's important to make a call...

Neighbors must learn to understand the importance of reporting any crime incidents or suspicious behavior in the neighborhood, even if it's too late for the police to do anything about it. 

Calling things in creates a paper trail that documents what's going on in the neighborhood, and makes it possible for the police to make a case to the city and the police commission and other entities that do have the power to provide more funding and more personnel to the streets, that our area is a place to put those extra resources when they're available. NOT reporting things can also affect police patrolling in the neighborhood. 

If no one calls in an incident, no matter how big or small a neighbor may think it is, it's like it never happened. 

The Police Department of the 21st Century goes completely by how many reports are filed in an area. If there is nothing on PAPER it is assumed there is NO CRIME in an area, and unfortunately that has happened in this neighborhood on more than one occassion.

At a neighborhood meeting in May, a representitive from Police District Three got out his paper work and crime statistic maps and made the statement to the shock and amazement of residents that
there was "no crime in the Valley". Neighbors quickly responded with reports of drug activity, and other serious and lesser incidents they were aware of-however no one seemed to be reporting them to the police.

For all Emergencies-Dial 911
This includes life threatening situations and crimes in progress such as:
Shots Fired
People usisng or Selling Drugs in plain site

Posted by rsackie on 07/29/2011
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